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  • Explore your blockchain possibility with
    the safest and most secure APIs by Octet

    Blockchain Infrastructure Team

  • Virtual asset exchanges utilize on average 3.4 blockchain mainnets.
    Octet allows easy integration of different blockchain mainnets.

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  • Financial services require encrypted key management technology.
    Experience enhanced security with Octet.

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  • Blockchain-based game requires transaction recording in real-time basis.
    Octet allows real-time recording of blockchain transactions.

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  • Blockchain infrastructure requires monitoring to replace legacy system.
    Manage your data accurately with Octet.

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  • University requires blockchain tutorials for blockchain education.
    Build your own blockchain service with Octet.

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  • Blockchain has various use cases.
    Build your blockchain service with Octet

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  • btc Bitcoin
  • eth Ethereum
  • matic Polygon
  • klay Klaytn
  • bsc Binance Smart Chain
  • trx TRON
  • sol Solana
  • xrp Ripple
  • eos EOS
  • wemix WEMIX
  • arb Arbitrum
  • pci Paycoin
  • fil Filecoin
  • bch Bitcoin Cash
  • ethw EthereumPoW

· Octet supports full nodes and validator nodes

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  • Developer API Node RPC Support
  • Developer API Enterprise Wallet
  • Developer API Blockchain Explorer
  • Developer API On-chain Analytics
  • Developer API On-chain Alert
  • Security API Key Management
  • Security API Suspicious TX Report

· Admin environment suitable to API is provided

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